If there is an ongoing theme running through my life, it is the passion to be in the natural world.  Give me a wide open sky to gaze up at, a forest trail to explore after a spring rain, or a stillwater to traverse along a grassy shore and I am content.

Photography started as a hobby in my early twenties. I was mesmerized by a print floating upward in a tray under infrared lights, and even more so by the wonder of its transformation. But then I entered the world of journalism and for many years used my camera only as a tool to illustrate stories. I was a snapshooter at best and eventually relied entirely on the aid of professional photojournalists so I could focus on the words. Also during those years, I spent nearly all of my free time exploring the natural world attempting to hone "the art of seeing," to quote the late naturalist/writer John Hay. His writings, along with those of Bernd Heinrich, Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Oliver and others became my most important teachers. They gave me the gift of seeing and awakened in me a way to sharpen my natural eye instinctively. Once I began photographing again, I found that something fundamental had changed. I like to think that I let go of the photo-manual way of photographing in favor of capturing the essence and magic of what I was seeing.


I also paint in oils, acrylic and watercolour. 


Take a look. Step into the galleries, visit another part of world, enjoy the journey.